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Engaging the Evolution


Garnering fantastic word-of-mouth for a product. Glowing reviews. People lining up to buy the hottest brand. It’s something that businesses and PR/marketing types have always cravedbuzz—even since before the invention of the Web. Creating buzz for a brand or business has not changed—but how people talk about a product and share their experiences has.

Consumers now research products extensively before a transaction ever occurs. Experts call this the zero moment of truth—the interaction between consumer and brand before ever reaching a checkout counter or online shopping cart. Shoppers poll Facebook friends, check colleagues’ status updates on LinkedIn and Twitter, and pull up the latest Yelp! and TripAdvisor reviews. Consumers research, weigh options, and then make informed decisions based upon aggregate information.

Creating buzz is not just about social media—but rather implementing social media as an integral part of an overall strategy. Companies and brands are changing marketing campaigns to include social involvement on a community level—engaging social change through donations, starting up charitable programs, and helping to redefine the role of business in society. Is your business or brand positioned to reach consumers, engaging all social media outlets for brand recognition, increasing customer growth, and maintaining an overall positive image in the community?

No longer can a company sit idly by while competitors reach out to consumers first, educating them on their brands to ultimately make an informed purchase. Consumers are already talking about your business or your brand, so the question iswill you choose to be a part of the conversation?

Let us help your business or brand to grow, to evolve. Your customers will thank you for it.

Buzz Evolution. Your brand... evolved.