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About Buzz Evolution

Buzz Evolution is a boutique firm offering PR/marketing/social media/media consulting for small businesses.

Offering 16+ years experience, we focus on small businesses seeking external resources to handle their PR/marketing and social media needs.

Our specializations include: the publishing industry (newspaper, magazine, books, small press); media (TV/radio/print); restaurants/food-related industry; wine/spirits/liquors; and targeting the LGBTQ community.

Buzz Evolution can help your business or brand by:

  • Crafting press releases and maintaining media/blogger relations
  • Acting as media liaison/contact
  • Creating and managing e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Developing marketing materials for use in campaigns and promotions 
  • Devising and implementing a social media strategy
  • Utilizing campaign strategies that combine traditional methods with social media/tech aspects
  • Monitoring social media efforts using metrics
  • Deploying social media sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Flickr, blogs, and more)
  • Updating materials on social media sites on a scheduled basis, engaging consumers with the brand
  • Managing crisis situations (PR/social media)
  • Planning traditional (print/radio), web (Facebook, social media, podcasts) and mobile (iOS, Android) advertising buys
  • Implementing customer reward programs to drive repeat business
  • Demonstrating campaigns through alternate street and event marketing initiatives (sampling, demos, nightclubs, public events, and more)
  • Organizing marketing/social media events for connection with customers/fan base (cocktail networking events, launch parties, Tweetups, and more)

Buzz Evolution's mission is to help businesses utilize PR/marketing/social media tools at their disposal to evolve their brand, and to allow those brands to give back to the community whenever possible—putting the 'social' back into social media.